Marketing basics

Marketing basics

            The biggest advantage of marketing is to provide a broader limits for to promote business opportunities. Marketing expand the scope of innovative companies in an international environment and get the opportunities in the local market.

            Sometimes it is considered that, marketing is just advertising. But they should look at marketing like to meet the needs of customers. Marketing is a planning and management of beneficial relations process with consumers. The process is consider of product creation, evaluation and dissemination of propaganda. Cost of marketing can be the product, service or idea. The results of marketing is exchange, the object is the person or organization.

            If the organization is not working with marketing principles in the competition market, can not gain a competitive advantage in market for a long time. As you know, the market demand for superior proposal is called "sale market", superior proposal to markets is called "buying market". At present, the development of economic and technological progress in almost as many business sectors in these markets has become a buyer's market for a long time and "the customer is always right" principle prevails in these markets. This again proves the importance of marketing thinking.

            In order to achieve sustainable business success requires a number of factors and key factors are customer satisfaction, the company's revenue, the organization's efforts and social value. One of the absence that factors could lead to bankruptcy of business. At the same time, it is clear that millions of new companies from around the world each year, can not succeed and can not achieve the set goals. The main reasons for this is the company's operations can not match with marketing and market principles and marketing activities are not properly managed.

            The main success of the marketing depends on the organizational structure of the marketing function, marketing strategy, IT support, drawn up properly marketing and sales plans, an adequate budget for marketing operations, marketing specialists, the professionalism and the proper selection external support.

            Effective business management, achivement marketing principles to business and definition of the marketing strategy is an important issue. As part of the overall business strategy, marketing strategy intend approachment of the use of marketing tools for to achieve business goals.