The main goal of Aztechizat is to provide customers with high-quality service and products. Also Aztechizat try to project all these protecting nature and enviroment. Aztechizat have some projects for protecting the operating areas nature. Aztechizat always try for important business, social, economic and environmental issues. We must noticed that, recycling of old products project is the main evidence in this regard.

Aztechizat always try to conform with ethical standarts of trade that, all the partnership can get revenue from their business. All of these provide healthy, safe, fair and legal work standards.

Every time Aztechizat coorperate responsible companies, which protecting the human and labor rights.

For closing regional relations Aztechizat always manage some charity events in that area, so Aztechizat demonstrate social values and principles.

Recycling and Packaging

The main policy of Aztechizat is to protect environment. For this reason Aztechizat always support recycling of old items, management of wastes, using alternative energy and using of naturally products. So, Aztechizat can be protect environmental health. Aztechizat try to recycle old products and materials and reduce the amount of packaging of materials.

Aztechizat involve partner companies to social projects for to encourge works in favor of the environment. Aztechizat want to contribute to building a healthy future. For this reason, Aztechizat always try to reduce CO2 emissions with more effective methods. So, the negative impact of business activity on the environment reduce and the foundations of a healthy future strengthen.

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Aztechizat have 20 mini cargo truck. Also this reason supply to Aztechizat to answer curstomer's demands and environmental standarts with 3 regional and 20 local distributor.

Aztechizat use last technologies and an innovative transports for to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Aztechizat have started using new transport system. This system help to overcome the long distance with the best ways. Aztechizat informed about the speed of cargo trucks, their place and the amount of remaining distance by this system.

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The main targets of environmental protection of Aztechizat's:

  •  Reduce the negative effects of the environment: Aztechizat use some methods for to reach this goal. For example, collect products emissions, old objects and materials, recycle them and use for production in future. Of course, Aztechizat realize it by our customers cooperation and love of nature.
  • Produce all kinds of environmentally products which conform to standard.
  • Offer the high-quality service to customer with minimal damage to the environment.